Stable Pools

Harnessing Stability and Efficiency

1. Overview

Stable Pools cater to assets that either maintain consistent near-parity swaps or adhere to a predefined exchange rate. Drawing inspiration from StableSwap (popularized by Curve), these pools employ Stable Math, enabling sizeable swaps with minimal price impact. This design exponentially boosts capital efficiency for swaps involving similar or correlated assets.

2. Ideal Asset Classes

  • Pegged Tokens: These are tokens that consistently swap near 1:1 ratios, commonly observed among stablecoins like DAI, USDC, and USDT or synthetic assets such as sBTC and wBTC.

  • Correlated Tokens: Tokens that maintain a near 1:1 swap with a gradually fluctuating exchange rate, like iSEI and SEI.

3. Stable Swaps Within JellySwap

A unique advantage of JellySwap's Stable Pools is their integration into the broader JellySwap ecosystem. Arbitrage opportunities arise when tokens pair with distinct stablecoins across varying pools. By capitalizing on JellySwap's Batch Swaps, users can merge these swaps into a single, gas-efficient transaction.

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