A decentralized portfolio manager

What is JellySwap?

JellySwap is a fork of Balancer V2, a leading automated market maker (AMM) developed by Balancer Labs and deployed on the Ethereum network in February 2020.

JellySwap operates as a dynamic, self-balancing portfolio manager, offering a unique twist on the traditional index fund model. Rather than paying fees to a portfolio manager for rebalancing, JellySwap collects fees from traders who balance the portfolio through arbitrage opportunities.

JellySwap is built on an N-dimensional surface that outlines the cost function for exchanging any pair of tokens in a JellySwap pool. This results in a new and innovative pool architecture, allowing for the creation of pools with varying weights, such as 70-30 pools and even pools with up to 8 tokens.

The problem to be solved

While the DeFi industry has made impressive advancements in digital token interaction, it has neglected to focus on real-world assets into its offerings. As a result, the DeFi landscape is littered with applications for redundant or purely speculative tokens.

To take the DeFi industry to new heights, it is crucial to combine real-world price feeds of any kind with advanced decentralized finance applications. This is where JellySwap comes into play, offering users to build self-rebalancing portfolios. Users can now hold on to time-proven portfolios while lending its liquidity to a decentralized exchange and earn fees instead of paying for management services in the traditional market.

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