How to Connect to SEI

Connecting to SEI

For connecting to the SEI Blockchain, we will have to differentiate between 2 Layers within SEI.

  1. CosmWasm Layer (V1)

A set of these wallets can be used for SEI native Layer.



Seif (not yet released)

and more..

Once downloaded, the native SEI wallets will already have SEI Network auto-selected.

  1. EVM Layer (V2)

For SEI V2, any EVM compatable wallet can be used, such as:



Trust Wallet

and many more...

Once downloaded, the SEI EVM RPC data needs to be manually added to the Wallet to connect to SEI's EVM Layer.

Network Name: Sei Testnet Network

Network URL:

Chain ID: 713715

Currency symbol: SEI

Block explorer URL:

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