Liquidity Management


At the heart of JellySwap is the Vault, a smart contract that manages the tokens in each JellySwap pool. It handles important tasks like swaps, joins, and exits, making it a central part of the JellySwap system.

The vault separates the responsibility for keeping track of tokens from the pool's operational logic. This separation simplifies the complexity of the pool contracts. Instead of burdening the pools with active asset management, they can focus on performing accurate calculations for swaps, joins, and exits.

This approach not only brings together different pool designs but also makes the Vault neutral, not favoring any specific pool's calculations. This flexibility allows the Vault to adapt to various systems that meet certain requirements.

Creative thinkers who come up with new swapping methods can easily integrate their custom pools into JellySwap's existing liquidity system. This saves them the effort of building an entire decentralized exchange from scratch.

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