Types of Rewards

  1. Inflationary (new created $JLY Tokens)

  2. Real Yield (Collected from Protocol Fees and be various Tokens)


$JLY tokens are newly created and can be accessed via the Claim Page. These rewards are distributed every Thursday.

Claim Options

  • Claim Now: Receive 50% of your rewards directly in your wallet; the remaining 50% are burned.

  • Start Cooldown Phase: Initiate a 30-day countdown to unlock the full amount of your rewards. During this phase, you can monitor a timer displaying the remaining days until you can claim your rewards. At any point, you may choose to "Fast-Track" your rewards by paying a prorated fee of 50% based on the remaining days. For example, if 21 days are left in your cooldown, you pay a 35% fee.

Note: You can initiate only one cooldown phase at a time. If you are currently in a cooldown phase and it overlaps with another reward distribution, the rewards will accumulate and will be claimable after the current cooldown ends. You can also opt to fast-track the remaining days to immediately end the cooldown phase and start a new one.

Each protocol component, like JellySwap and JellyStake, has its own separate cooldown.

Real Yield

Real yield is generated primarily from:

  • Swap Fees on JellySwap: 50% of the fees collected from swaps are distributed to liquidity miners, and the remaining 50% are sent to the DAO address.


  • For Liquidity Miners: Real yield is retained in LM tokens, which accumulate over time but are not available on the Claim Page.

  • For the DAO: Real yield is planned to be distributed to stakers via a governance proposal. Until then, it accumulates in LM tokens at the DAO address.

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