Interaction with the vault

  1. Lower Gas Usage: The Vault is designed so its operations use very little gas. This makes using it both cost-effective and efficient.

  2. Adaptive Design: The Vault can handle many different trading situations - from a simple one-token exchange to more complex paths and combinations within a swap (SOR).

What Kinds of Swaps does JellySwap's Vault Offer?

  1. Single Swaps: Just as the name implies, this is about swapping two tokens using one pool. The big plus here is its high gas efficiency.

  2. Batch Swaps: These are meant for more intricate trading setups. Users can perform multi-hop swaps, which use several paths and pools at once. It always searches for the best prices from all the pools registered in the Vault, ensuring users get the best exchange rate possible.

In short: JellySwap offers a cost-effective and flexible platform for token swaps, capable of handling both simple and complex swapping needs.

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