A short overview

What is Jellyverse?

Jellyverse is an entire universe built and governed by its community, the Jellyverse DAO. Jellyverse aims to pave the way for the next generation of DeFi, often referred to as DeFi 3.0. This vision revolves around establishing a sustainable and yield-driven ecosystem, where users can access various protocols, each of which serves a robust use case and incorporates real-world assets. The time has come to harness the remarkable mechanics of the DeFi industry by merging them with tokens that people genuinely desire to use!

Utility set inside of Jellyverse

  • Trade (JellySwap)

  • Take loans (jAssets)

  • Leverage (jAssets)

  • more in future

Jelly Token

JLY serves as the primary governance and utility token for the Jellyverse ecosystem. JLY Stakers enjoy the privilege of participating in critical decision-making processes and influencing key parameters across a multitude of protocols and decentralized applications (dApps) within the Jellyverse platform. As a unique utility fees generated across all protocols will be distributed to JLY Stakers.

Utility of JLY:

  • Governance

  • Revenue Share

  • Liquidity Mining

  • Staking

  • Collateral


Acts like gravity inside of Jellyverse. JellySwap is a decentralized exchange, offering highest security, flexibility and unleashing a whole new way to interact with tokens available on SEI.

JellySwap is introducing WeightedPools, decentralized indices, optimized math for stable coin swaps, pools with up to 8 tokens, managed pools, custom pools and more!

A decentralized exchange to serve Liquidity Providers, Traders and Developers.

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Introducing a staking solution that paves a sustainable path into the future, which includes the innovation of Staking-NFTs to streamline the user experience and create new ways of interaction!

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The jAsset system is an economic system that enables trading of decentralized assets (referred to as jAssets). The system is being developed with the goal of combining the trade of decentralized assets with the benefits of blockchain technology. The focus is on ensuring that the synthetic assets follow the price development of real assets (as oracles) in traditional markets, thus enabling users to anticipate their price movements. Due to the potentially very volatile oracle prices, the emphasis is on the security of the system to avoid underinsurance. The system is based on Liquity, a lending protocol that has already established itself on numerous EVMs. This has been extended to include a multi-collateral and debt mechanism, allowing users to use multiple ERC20 standard tokens as collateral. There is still only one vault (margin account) per address, summarizing the collateral ratio across all used tokens.

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